Anxiety. Worry. Restlessness.

No one is really immune from these states, as proven by my being consulted weekly on these challenges, from people of all walks of life. While there can be a multitude of reasons FOR the anxiety, however, the common message of the communication coming from the subconscious mind is, “Something is not right.”

But since the subconscious mind is not the chatty voice inside our head, it communicates with the emotions of worry, anxiety and restlessness, rather than through words.

So to help you decode the message that might be causing you worry or anxiety, let’s pose a few questions so you can shift to positive actions and calm those worries down!

Let’s start with the general, overarching message, “Something is not right” and break it down.

The things which create worry for the subconscious mind are things like safety, resources, and pleasing other people. It’s keenly assessing what it has and constantly unconsciously fearing the loss of its protection, supply and love from others.

But sometimes it fears these things IN SPITE of evidence to the contrary. It’s not a failure - it’s just sort of genetic programming. Try asking yourself these 3 questions to pivot this survivalist part of your mindset into present awareness.

1. Do I have what I need to complete my goals or tasks TODAY?

Take a moment to assess if you have food, shelter, transportation and anything else you require to get through the day safe and sound. In 99% of the cases, you’re going to say “Yes I do.”

While this may seem obvious to the conscious mind, it’s not obvious to the subconscious mind which may be feeling the burden to wondering if it has all that it needs for the next 50 years! When we get exposed to a lot of marketing info or news that implies we have to know exactly where our supply is coming from for the next 50-80 years - that creates a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety upon the subconscious mind. There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead and saving for the rainy day - but too much of that focus trickles into the subconscious mind which can only process “one day at a time.” So, affirm you’ve got what you need to get through today, and start your day!

2. Do I have a clear vision of what I plan to do TODAY?

One of the functions of the subconscious mind is to take action on your goals and intentions, to bring them into form. However, it requires a CLEAR picture of what that looks like, so it knows what to do. We experience worry and anxiety when our subconscious minds FEEL the pressure of the goals we want to achieve, but we’ve not taken the time to visualize those goals or run internal mental movies as to what that activity looks like.

And again, it doesn’t have to be 10 years of stuff! Just picture today. What does “successful activity” look like today to you? Take two minutes to ask the question and then visualize the activities, and I am confident the worry and anxiety will dissipate. That clear picture helps the subconscious mind to stop guessing what to do, and instead focus your mental resources toward your projects.

3. What can I control TODAY about this situation?

One of the biggest causes of anxiety is feeling out of control, and not knowing how to gain control of a situation. To clarify, I never advocate trying to control other people. Everyone has free will, and to seek to control or dominate others is completely antithetical to everything that I teach. With that said, let’s pivot to what you CAN control - your choices, and your actions.

The subconscious mind reverts to worry and anxiety when it’s not allowed to be within its CAPACITY. Capacity means your locus of control. For example, imagine a 6th grader, being forced to complete a 12th grade Calculus problem. Maybe the 6th grader is good at math. But his/her capacity is at the pre-algebra level, not calculus. In the future, his/her capacity may be there, but not right now.

Sometimes we throw ourselves into situations or assume responsibilities which are beyond our capacity to fulfill or complete. If you feel “out of control” that is a sign you’re outside of the capacity of your subconscious mind’s latent ability to serve you well.

The solution is to slow down. List out very simple steps which you feel you CAN CONTROL. And start with these. These little steps of success will dissipate the overwhelm and empower your subconscious mind to do what it does best - taking actions that bring you to your goals.

Try these 3 questions anytime you’re struggling with anxiety, worry or restlessness, so you can empower your subconscious mind to HELP you, instead of hinder you!