There are a lot of philosophies out there about how to get motivated. Just check out any Self Help section in a bookstore or library!

One of the approaches many espouse, is that to get motivated, you need to get a really BIG goal - something so big it takes your breath away. Like starting the next big tech company. Or, financially adopting a village in Africa. Or starting a nonprofit to solve some social problem.

While thinking about such a grand achievement may be exciting to the mind at first, after the glow wears off, most people are left asking the question,

“Yeah, but where do I start?”

And that’s the crux right there.

Any big, or small, endeavor is only achieved by the deliberate, sustained actions of the subconscious mind.

See most people think that the mind that DECIDES to do the thing is the same mind that DOES the thing - that’s not true. It reminds me of times when my mom would promise that I would do things for her friends, yet she’d never ask me first if I was available to help!

Likewise, your subconscious mind is the part of you that gets stuff done. So when you hear that little voice ask you, “Where do I start?” It’s your subconscious mind really saying, “That big goal is great, but I cannot relate to it. You need to give me MUCH smaller instructions that I understand.”

Recently, I’ve been deep into a plethora of projects, requiring a lot of focus and disciplined work periods. And as I began, I faced the same question, "Where do I begin?" Here’s what I have been doing to keep “the pedal to the metal” which might also be helpful for you!

Here’s the first tip:

Get Small.

For instance, I have been doing a lot of writing. Initially I set myself a goal of writing X hours/day. Did I do it? No. Too big. My subconscious mind would resist, distract and fight me every day.

Somebody mentioned the Pomodoro technique of using a timer to write. No use. Could not even stay still for 25 minutes! Finally, I put the timer on for only 5 minutes. Boom! The timer went off, and I reset it for another 5 minutes. I kept doing this until I could set it for 25 minutes and type that long. Now I can do 4 x 25 minute sessions in a blink of an eye. I had to whittle down the task into a bite that felt like “nothing to it” to my subconscious mind - and it executed the actions! Once my subconscious mind achieved a little goal, it wanted to do more for me!

Here’s the second tip:

Get Tangible.

The conscious mind thinks in abstracts, the subconscious mind thinks in pictures and forms. So, the more you can make a goal tangible and immediate, the more motivation your subconscious mind will feel to take action.

So with my writing goals, the idea of being published is SO far out there and basically UNREAL to my subconscious mind. I had to create a daily measure that meant something to that little girl inside me.

I took 2 jars, one empty, and one filled with pennies. Each time I completed a 25 minute writing period, I transferred one penny to the jar. The writing started to become a game to see how many pennies I could accumulate each day! I now find that when I walk into my office, I look at the penny jar to see how high it is! That's a good sign my subconscious mind is now "in the game!" Next week, I am moving to dollars - and those dollars are going to go into a FUN FUND, so my subconscious mind feels like it is getting a reward for helping my conscious mind achieve my big goals.

See if you can adapt these 2 tips to your goals and watch your motivation take flight!