Back in the 90s, my tennis partner and I had split sets in a semi final match with the current champions in our local tournament. They won the first set, and we won the second. On our break for the third set change-over, I felt a surge of energy and said to my partner, “I think we can win this.” She agreed.

I was suddenly flooded with so much nervous energy from the fact that whomever won this match would determine the outcome of the overall tournament, since our opponents were the best at our level. Then, I started to freak out a bit, because in the past my nervous energy would cause me to make stupid mistakes, and throw the match.I needed to stay focused and channel that energy into our final goal! EEK! What was I going to do?

As we went out onto the court again, I started to get mental flashes of winning the match during the next two games. On the next change-over, I animatedly whispered to my partner, “We have already won this match. I can feel it.” She nodded as she felt it too.

Then I entered this surreal place, knowing that the outcome was established. Our desire to win, was greater than that of our opponents. And our resiliency was creating doubt in their game. The challenge now was that we just had to wait for time to catch up and to NOT alter the outcome.

How could I stay focussed with all that nervous excitement?

I created a mantra for myself to focus my mind in the moment.

I said, “There’s only this point.There’s only this point.“ over and over again, through every point until the match completed. We won this match, and went on to win the tournament.

I know that sounds like a simplistic story, but the significance is the unique experience of having the prescience of our intention solidifying WITHIN and AROUND us, although the outcome had not solidified in time and space. We spent about 20 minutes in that zone feeling we had already won, yet still having to physically, moment by moment, play the match.

Why is this important?

As you learn to work with your consciousness system, and the Laws of intention and creation, you’re going to experience many times where there’s a gap between your intentions and the appearance of the equivalent physical results.

Do your visioning work to set the intention of course, but what do you do when the pressure is on and the results are so close?

The key is to focus on some deliberate action IN THE MOMENT to keep your energy focussed and centered. Because your subconscious mind (emotional aspect) is going to get very excited, or God-forbid, drop into doubt. You don’t want any emotional variance happening during this time window prior to the manifestation, so that your Higher Self can bring your intention through into your experience without any delay or diversion. (And as a side note, many delays in goal manifestations are due to this type of emotional waffling, which slows or completely blocks your goals.)

The good news is that with more practice, that emotional wobble of excitement/nervousness/doubt will lessen and your capacity to stay focussed will increase. Use this little tip to get you through that gap and enjoy the results!