When I was in college in the 80s, I studied a lot - but not necessarily for the courses I was enrolled in!

The Truth was that I had already committed to my quest to research human consciousness and what potentials we possessed which was not being taught, nor researched at that time. I would spend hours looking for rare books and implementing and practicing methodologies or concepts that rang true to me.

One concept I landed upon was traced to the ancient Toltecs of modern day Mexico. This concept was that how we perceived the world determined our energy levels. I found it quite interesting, because, well, everyone wants more energy right? Where would the world be with out Mountain Dew? Starbucks? Red Bull? Marlboros? ; )

I experimented with my mindset - observing what thoughts I was having on a daily basis, and how my baseline vitality responded. The most powerful shift in my energy, I discovered happened when I reacted to something in my environment. But not just any reaction, it was when I had the perception that a situation or a person or a circumstance had the power to affect or control me.

When a person enters a perception that some outside force can potentially hurt, control or divert one’s path - that person is entering a state of defensive aggression. Simultaneously the subconscious mind gathers more and more memories of past transgressions to attempt to validate the perception. Meanwhile, the physical body is fully activated with cortisol to mobilize energy reserves. The person feels a surge of power within, to be fully ready to fight to protect one’s body.

This cascade, if stimulated regularly, generates a cyclical energetic addiction to reactionary consciousness.

The sad thing is that this cycle is designed to support us IN CASE of real conflict. But our modern world which is super saturated with media messages, is constantly triggering this cascade in people, and burning out their physical energy reserves, every time they react to some news story, FB post, twitter quote, etc.. They can feel how their energy plummets afterwards from the cortisol crash. Then it is time for more caffeine, sugar snack, coctail, or smoke.

Think about it. Growing up I had never heard of chronic fatigue - now it is a common phenomenon in our society. It’s not so much a matter of overactivity - it’s the cost of reactionary thought.

Once I observed this in myself and saw my own energy reserves plummet after being outraged about someone else’s words, action or choices - I decided I couldn’t afford those thoughts. Instead I deliberately CHOSE my positions and values I would live by - that my decisions had power, and no one could take that power away. And I would allow others to be responsible for their choices to do the same.

If you suffer from lack of energy or find yourself being swept from your focus through media, shut that stuff off. Give your energy body a rest - a TRUE rest from it’s natural mechanisms being used against you to disempower you. And enjoy taking back control of your mind.