But this world sucks!

Do you wonder why “bad” things happen to “good” people?

Do you doubt whether the world really wants your contribution?

Do you wonder why pain and suffering are allowed to exist?

Do you secretly wish to go to some “other” place?

These are valid questions...

and you deserve to know the Truth.

It is an absolute travesty that no one reveals the REAL problem.

Everyone is born into two overlapping consciousness systems - the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

The Tree of Life provides life force, healing, freedom, creativity and prosperity. We only use 10% until we learn the Laws of Consciousness on how to access more. 

In contrast, we are born 90% connected to the Tree of Knowledge. This system saturates our attention, enslaving us to believe that if we gain more knowledge, we can escape pain and chaos. But it is actually the prison keeping us trapped on the wheel of suffering - in all dimensions!

Your desire to escape “that world” is a good one...

You seek to connect to the Tree of Life!

You are not alone.

For many years, feeling like an exile in a world where I did not belong - I, too, asked these questions. 

Yet, I also knew trying to escape the world was not going to give me the freedom I longed for. I searched for decades for the answers and I found "the way out."

First of all, you are here for a very important reason. 

Secondly, you are also intended to be completely protected, strengthened, healed, supplied and empowered to fulfill that purpose.

And third, the world you want to live in, is


You just haven’t learned how to shift your consciousness to ITS frequency grid...YET.

If you were hungry and wanted to buy some bread, wouldn't it make sense to go to a bakery, not a gas station?

And wouldn't it make sense to go to the bakery when the bakery was fully stocked and open for business?

What if I told you that there are distinct times of the year, when the Creator is offering His Energy-Intelligence directly to humanity to lift them out of chaos and suffering?

If you knew when He's offering these opportunities to receive and experience more Freedom, more Life and more Prosperity in your life - would you show up to receive it?

The Creator's Gift

You were created with and through a system of energy-intelligence within and around you - the Tree of Life.

The Tree of Life is the antenna that links you directly into the Mind of the Creator.

The Creator feeds you with Life Force, Freedom, Wisdom and the Power to Create through your Tree of Life.

However....to use it and to access more of it, you must:

  1. Learn to work directly with the Creator through His Causal Laws.
  2. Learn to apply those Laws during specific times on His Causal Calendar.

The Connection Experiences are the processes the Creator revealed to me of HOW and WHEN to connect to HIM to receive these gifts.

The FREEDOM Connection

This Connection happens in the Spring here in the US.

In this Connection, the Creator releases us from prisons and illusions of the MIND.

Since our thoughts create our reality, if our minds are "imprisoned," we cannot live nor create freely.

Over 9 weeks, we are gently shown the subtle agreements we made which trapped our minds in the past. Each day, we are provided with a simple, yet powerful action step to choose FREEDOM over the mental illusions we thought we could never overcome.

The Freedom Connection registration will open in Spring 2023.

The LIFE Connection

The Life Connection happens in the Fall in the Northern Hemisphere.

In this Connection, the Creator heals our internal Tree of Life from the ways we've cut ourselves off from Life Force.

First He rebuilds our internal Tree of Life to increase our capacity to receive. Next, He infuses us with a year's worth of Life Force for healing, vitality and support.


The PROSPERITY Connection

This Connection lasts just 8 days, and occurs in the winter in the Northern Hemisphere.

After the Life Connection, we go through a deep transformation, where our energetic DNA rewires us to experience the world differently. Since this requires a sum of energy to do it, the Creator gives us additional energy-intelligence to make up for that which we used for self transformation.

I call this the Prosperity Connection, because we often have sudden blessings appear due to our increased capacity to receive, combined with our new energetic vibration.

The 2022 Prosperity Connection begins 12/18/22. It is included in the Life Connection which begins in September.

The secrets of the Connections were given to all of mankind 4,000 years ago - then lost - or perhaps purposely hidden - until now.

After using this "energy-intelligence technology" for 18 years, my personal evolution - and that of my clients - has accelerated by LIGHT YEARS!

We experience miracles we never even dreamed possible.

The Creator never intended for you to struggle either.

He wants to empower you directly, but you must learn how to do it His Way.

Will you choose to...


You will literally "download" completely NEW energy-intelligence into your body through the Connection. The Creator wants you to know life and health!


As you "download" more energy-intelligence with each Connection, your capacity to receive direct revelation expands. The Creator wants you to have His Wisdom within yourself.


As more of us make the Connections, we collectively drain the Tree of Knowledge of its destructive stronghold on humanity and the planet at large, bringing more of the blessings of the Tree of Life to All.

Or you can stay another year, (or a thousand!)

pursuing the seduction, illusion and suffering

on the Tree of Knowledge.

Will you choose to...

Chase the Unproven Promise

There are many who offer "paths of light" designed to distract and lead you away from your destiny and the support you have right here, right now.

Try to Reason a Way Out

The amount of information in the world is doubling every 12 hours! To believe that the human mind can try to reason a way out of the world's suffering is insane.

Surrender Altogether

Some will seek to escape the challenges of this Age, by choosing to surrender their minds, their free will and their lives.

Feedback from a Connection Participant

Learning of the energy-intelligence of the Tree of Life will be a lifelong pursuit, but I have already seen my most challenging relationships begin to heal, my body grow stronger and more healthy, and my sense of confidence, patience, and faith increase tenfold. I no longer feel alone in my problems, for I now know there is an active, intelligent structure all around me, supporting me toward my best life.

Kelle’s teachings are like a diamond-forged toolkit—indestructible and invaluable! The frameworks she has designed are made for rough-and-tumble daily life, and neither a morning nor an evening pass when I’m not thinking on something from her courses, or practicing a technique she introduced to me. Every achievement I have won or success I have enjoyed in these last two years have been enriched by (and are the results of) the Connection courses!

- Natalie Woociker, Writer, Blogger

The stakes are high.

If you care about humanity - if you care about the planet - if you care about the animals, the plants and nature itself - then let me reveal this critical piece of information about why you are here, right now…

You are the bridge between the Tree of Life and All Life on the planet. 

If you choose to build your Tree of Life, you will be able to transmit more life force and healing directly into the planet. The animal life, plant life and environment around you will start to thrive. 

If you choose not to, the animal life, plant life and environment around you will continue to suffer and decay.

The transformation of the planet

is in your hands.

Learn to Connect to your Tree of Life and the Light of the Creator will go with you and work through you, wherever you go!

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