Hi there, I'm Kelle!

I'm an Energy Intelligence researcher, pioneer, healer, author, podcaster and teacher.

I'm also the gal behind KellePhillips.com (naturally!) and the MiracleDriven podcast.

I speak, teach and write about the Art and Science of awakening the Miracle-DrivenTM Mindset from within.

The mystery I’ve pursued to unravel through my research arose from some burning questions I asked when I was 15 years old:

If Yeshua and other masters promised us, ‘This (miracle) and more, ye shall do,’ then why weren’t people working miracles in their lives on a daily basis?

What latent power is within us, which has gone untapped?

What is it like?

Why has no one figured this out yet?

And how do we systematically develop this potential so we can both heal ourselves and our society - permanently?

At that time in my life, I didn’t know this Truth:

If you ASK a big question, you will RECEIVE a big answer.

Instead, I thought that each person - by himself - had to SEARCH for the answer from the world around himself.

From that old perception, I started applying my scientific mindset to the unseen, the esoteric, and upon topics where we’ve been told we should...just have faith...because (some authority) said so, or that the mysteries of Life, God and miracles are...beyond the grasp of mankind. But..are they?


I first embarked into hard science, earning degrees in Biochemistry, Chemistry and Anatomy & Physiology, thinking my path was to enter neuroscience.

However, upon realizing that the mind is not contained within the brain, I switched to consciousness/spiritual/energy research, consuming all I could access on Religious Science, New Thought, Eastern religion/philosophies, holistic medicine and other topics in the Human Potential movement.

In 2001, I earned my M.S./M.Th. degrees in the Science of Intuition and Energy Medicine, under the leadership of Drs. Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss. Upon receiving my degrees, my Higher Self softly whispered,

Have you proven your Self to yourself yet?

It was time to recognize that the Higher Wisdom from the Soul cannot be bestowed by an outside institution.

From there, I started sharing my wisdom and gifts professionally with clients around the country. I also continued with intensive studies in Medical Intuition, hands-on healing, Intuitive Healing, Shamanism, Gnosticism, Huna (Hawaiian shamanism), and mystical Judaism. Immersing myself into each practice or philosophy, I was always searching for the presence of the common threads of Life and miracle consciousness.

There were many aha’s and many heart breaks upon piercing many things commonly assumed to be Truth, but once tested, proved to be illusory. However, from that rigorous challenge to the teachings of many paths and modalities, only the sustainable principles survived. From logging those thousands of hours and resources invested, I developed a laser-like discernment to recognize tenets founded on rock solid Truth and the principles of Life Force itself - Energy Intelligence. And only from these tenets, can one cultivate the Miracle-DrivenTM Mindset from WITHIN.


The overarching answer to my questions took about 40 years to fully formulate and decipher, and I still learn more every day. In hindsight, I see that my purpose was to ask that question of the Creator, and then to receive the transformation required to fully EMBODY the answer. This process was necessary for me to not just have a philosophical understanding, but to BECOME a Vessel for this Energy-Intelligence so I can teach it to others from an in the bones - walking the talk perspective.

I now have the unique privilege to prove to you what I wanted to know in my bones so long ago:
Your Soul was created deliberately by and under 3 immutable Laws:

The Law of Life - More Life to All, Less to None,
The Law of Freedom - More Freedom to All, Less to None, and
The Law of Divine Creation - More Creation to All, Less to None.

In summary, your Soul was given unlimited Life, unlimited Freedom and a Divine Image imbued with the power to Create, so you can be Prospered from your creations through form. 

You were also created with a unique energy - intelligence system within you, designed to provide you with all of the wisdom, support and agency to manifest your path here.

Your primary job is to activate that energy-intelligence within you. Then, the Miracle-DrivenTM Mindset can heal you, guide you and prosper you - forever moving forward.

I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I do share the principles, which I, and my long term clients (up to 18 years!), have also applied to achieve outstanding results in their lives. I will never ask you to go against your conscience or beliefs; rather, I will encourage you to embrace what I share and teach with the scientific mindset of I am willing to let this principle prove itself so you too, can experience how having your own Miracle-Driven TM Mindset can transform your life.


If you would like to chat with me for 15-20 minutes, to find out if working with me would help you on your path...

OR if you'd like me to present to your group or on your podcast, please send me an email at [email protected]