Ready to tap into your miracle mindset?

You were created deliberately and with a purpose. You were also created with a unique energy - intelligence system within you, designed to provide you with all of the wisdom, support and agency to manifest that purpose.


Having awakened to a higher calling in your life is wonderful at first, right?

But then, the doubts and questions start running through your mind.

Have you ever wondered...

How come it feels like my life doesn't "work" anymore?

How am I going to DO this thing?

Does anyone really want what I have to give to the world?

How can I be true to myself and my path, and still be "in the world?"

Whom can I ask for help? Who is going to "get me?"


I am your guide, Kelle Eli Phillips.


Awakening to an inspiring mission is only the first step.

Transforming yourself into the person with the capacity to FULFILL that purpose requires learning to align to the unlimited resources within you, ready to support that purpose.

For over 35+ years, I have researched where science, the mind, religious philosophy and energy intersect. I discovered within each of us is a system of energy-intelligence, which most only tap into a fraction of what is possible for us. It's called energy-intelligence because when you receive it, you not only have the wisdom of WHAT TO DO, but also the requisite energy and power of HOW TO DO IT.

When one aligns to and works with this system, one starts to experience what I call the "miracle mindset" - it's a different way of looking at the world - it's the viewpoint of the unlimited Higher Self.

Through my online courses and live events, I have trained 100s of inspired people to experience the direct guidance, healing, revelations and transformations through working with their own miracle mindset. And more importantly, infusing this wisdom, confidence and inner power into their own path.

1. Learn about your internal energy-intelligence system, and how to align it.


You were not created to "go it alone" in the world.

All suffering arises from our ignorance of this fact.

The Truth is that within each of us is a RECEIVER designed to receive
energy-intelligence directly from the Mind of the Creator.

Just imagine what you could do with such an open pipeline?

2. Embody the Laws of Consciousness which increase, govern,
and direct the flow and integrity of energy-intelligence
from your Higher Self and the Creator.


Scripture can be very comforting and inspiring.

But not all scripture refers to energy-intelligence and how to use it to partner with the Creator.

Some ancient scripture is actually a map of consciousness -
revealing the journey of man awakening to his Higher Self and his purpose.

There are also clear tools of how to draw down the blessings of the Creator - any time, any place.

3. Apply the principles to stay aligned to the flow of the Creator,
so that a continual circuitry of energy-intelligence runs
through you and around you supporting your purpose in the world.


Once you've aligned your internal energy-intelligence system,
and know the map of consciousness
through which the Creator is striving to bless all of mankind -

You enter into a Silent Partnership with the Creator,
and the privilege and capacity to draw upon resources
far beyond your natural gifts.

This is how each one of us was intended to live.

"I was introduced to Kelle’s teachings at a time when I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, utterly alone in my journey of life. I lived in a city that I didn’t feel safe in, worked at a job that made me unhappy, and felt very distant from the concepts of fulfillment and prosperity. Two short years later, having participated in two Connection Courses, the Blue Grid(R) Meditation Course, and as an avid reader and listener of all of Kelle’s emails and tele-classes, it’s as though I’ve been re-introduced to my true self. I often felt there was a wall in between myself and my purpose, which was the cause of so much grief and anxiety in my life. After learning about my internal energy-intelligence system and how to activate it for my benefit, I’ve seen my passions begin to flow like a wellspring, radically redefining the course of my life.

"Learning of the energy-intelligence of the Tree of Life will be a lifelong pursuit, but I have already seen my most challenging relationships begin to heal, my body grow stronger and more healthy, and my sense of confidence, patience, and faith increase tenfold. I no longer feel alone in my problems, for I now know there is an active, intelligent structure all around me, supporting me toward my best life.

"Kelle’s teachings are like a diamond-forged toolkit—indestructible and invaluable! The frameworks she has designed are made for rough-and-tumble daily life, and neither a morning nor an evening pass when I’m not thinking on something from her courses, or practicing a technique she introduced to me. Every achievement I have won or success I have enjoyed in these last two years have been enriched by (and are the results of) the Tree of Life courses!"

- Natalie Woociker, Writer, Blogger


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