Do you feel like your life has been turned upside down?

Do you wonder whom you can trust and how to know if what they say is True?

Do you struggle with confusion and fatigue from information overload?

Do you feel disconnected from loved ones and the life you once enjoyed?

You can't go back to the way it was.

Yet the 'options' the world offers always seem to require the sacrifice of your choices, your health, your freedoms and even your livelihoods.

That is simply wrong.

I am Kelle Eli Phillips, and I have some good news.

You are in the right place.

You are blessed and privileged to be both alive and 'awake' at this pivotal time in history.

That desire you have within yourself to stand up for what you believe to be moral and True is a direct call from the Creator. It is time for you to learn to EMBODY the rights and powers which lie dormant within you - to step into Self Sovereignty - spiritually, mentally, energetically, and physically.

While we are all in this battle together - a battle we did not choose - for our Spirit, Mind and Body. Yet, the Creator has already put the keys within us, so at this time, He could awaken us to the greater destiny He has planned for us.

Miracles are your birthright.

To create them occur in your life, you must:

Discover the CAUSAL LAWS upon which miracles are based.
Experience how to EMBODY those Laws within yourself.
TRANSFORM yourself so that the world transforms around you.
CONNECT to Causal Laws

There are certain Causal Principles which provide you with Life-force, Freedom and the Power to Create, which actually create space for you at the quantum level, so you can live well, happy and free!

EMBODY the Higher Self

The Higher Self is the spiritual blueprint and unlimited energetic reservoir founded upon the Causal Laws, which is always trying to sustain you with Life, Freedom and Creative power so you can be prospered in the world.


We live in a limited world because we are pre-programmed to maintain it. As we "de-program" ourselves, we create space for the unlimited consciousness of the Higher Self to work through us and spiritualize matter around us.


The world you want to live in where you feel supported, free, energized and inspired to create, is actually right here for you!

But you must connect to it through your Higher Self.

Click the photo to start leveraging that internal power to rise above your limitations!

The Path to Self Sovereignty

Since everyone is unique and has a purpose/path to contribute, then each path will also be uniquely designed to bring out those latent gifts.

Having walked the path over 40 years, I've learned the path we ALL share - is to achieve our own Self Sovereignty FIRST - then all gifts, support, discernment, wisdom and personal power can be brought THROUGH us - to manifest that path.

Self Sovereignty is having the inner wisdom and anchored agency to know:

You are here to create IN this world.

You are not to be defined BY it.

The Light of the Creator within me is greater than anything before me.

Self sovereignty is to be anchored to the Creator's Causal principles which: ground you in strength, instill unwavering certainty, and ignite in-the-bones courage.

My Higher Self is my own personal GPS.

Self Sovereignty is to know that your Higher Self is working above you, around you, within you and beneath you at all times. It already has your next right steps and is ready to help you take them.

If I am alive, I am connected, and therefore anything can be changed for the better.

Self Sovereignty is having the wisdom that the grid of Life is within, and therefore you can always create change in any moment.

But there is another choice before you.

The challenge facing each of us, is the desire of the ego to go backwards - to attempt to capture what once was, the security and comfort of the past.

To be true to my Conscience, I must alert you to the high stakes associated with that road, before you make your decision...

Submission to Authorities

As soon as we submit our Spirit to outside authorities, by LAW, our Connections to the Causal Laws and the Higher Self get cut down to a 10% minimal life force level. We must wait another 50 years for the chance to be liberated.

Submission of the Mind

The Mind is the key to how we enact the Law of Divine Creation. Through immersion to the digital metaverse, we could lose our capacity to freely and deliberately use our imagination and focus. Then we would lose the power to Create our lives and pursue our destiny.

Submission of the Body

Mankind is unique in that it is the bridge between Heaven and Earth. The Animal, Vegetable and Mineral Kingdoms depend upon the vitality and consciousness of Mankind. If we surrender that sovereignty over the body, we sacrifice All Life around us too.

There is so much more to share!

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