What people are saying:

“I am Director of Coptic Fellowship International, an organization that has sponsored large, national metaphysical Conferences for many years. One of the best keynote speakers we've featured in recent years is Kelle Eli Phillips. She spoke at our annual Michigan Conference in 2006. Her Conference critiques included the following accolades:

  • excellent lecture content
  • her fascinating lecture information was life-changing
  • because of her inspiring speaking style, I could have listened to her for hours
  • her lecture was outstanding in multiple ways
  • she truly reached the hearts of the Conference attendees.

I recommend Kelle as a lecturer and workshop leader for any organization that needs an outstanding keynote speaker.”

—John Davis, President of Spiritual Unity of Nations, and Director of Coptic Fellowship International, www.thecopticcenter.org/

“Circles of Wisdom hosts speakers from all over the country, and Kelle Eli Phillips is one of those presenters we love to sponsor every year. Her work really helps transform people at the deepest level, and they are permanently changed for the better. She teaches on a variety of topics and is always willing to work with us, asking what we think our customers are looking for, as we plan each event visit. No matter the topic, Kelle is always well-prepared to share her knowledge with a group. Many who are drawn to Kelle's work are going through a difficult period, questioning what is going on in their lives and seeking to make changes. Kelle has a unique way of bringing spiritual concepts down to earth, and showing people concrete actions they can take - whether it be meditations, exercising or shifting their point of view - to become aligned with their Higher Self and to stand in their own power. Some people enjoy her workshops, others prefer the chance to work with her 1 on 1 in person rather than over the phone, and many choose both to move along their path more quickly. I am grateful to be able to offer her work and services here in Massachusetts, and to see people transform over time as they implement her practices.”

—Cathy Kneeland, Owner of Circles of Wisdom, Andover, MA, www.circlesofwisdom.com

"I just listened to two episodes on your podcast. Wow, quite thought-provoking. You have a gift with encouraging people to consider a view that might be different. You do it with such an open and disarming manner."

---Dawn, M, Author and Speaker

“I invited Kelle Eli Phillips to present to my private membership group to women because of her expertise with the energy of women. Throughout the years I’ve worked with thousands of women and know how important is it for women to manage their energy in all areas of their lives. Kelle specializes in helping women shift their energy from overwhelm and stress to a more peaceful energy. I felt her tools would greatly benefit my community because managing your energy is vital, especially when preparing for a new relationship or strengthening your current one. We collaborated on the presentation “3 Ways to Shift Your Energy to Attract the Right Guy.” and received positive feedback from my community of over 10,000 women. They were grateful for the tools Kelle provided to help manage their energy in relationship to relationships. I highly recommend Kelle as a presenter. She’s knowledgeable, professional and knows her topic.”

— Jonathon Aslay CEO of JSA Communications, LLC. and Founder, www.understandmennow.com

"Sometimes I notice myself feeling distracted or on edge without a clear reason why. When this happens, I do an Emotional Elevation Session with Kelle. During the session, Kelle helps me to work with my body and unconscious emotions and my Higher Self to receive the energetic support I need. For the next few days following the session, my subconscious mind starts to speak and I hear it loud and clear! Insights and new awareness bubble up; unease is replaced with calm certainty, and I feel like I can move forward. Thank you, Kelle!"

—T.I., Blogger and Marketing Assistant

"I'm always surprised anew at how deep Kelle's sessions are and what we uncover. If you are ready for more life, freedom, health, abundance and creativity, I urge you to book a session with Kelle and take her courses. All your selves and cells will thank you."

—Sudevi, Vedic Thai Yoga Massage Educator, Dir. of VC International Studies

“Lingering psychological barriers busted open, emotional baggage finally unpacked, and energy drains successfully plugged. Kelle’s techniques, strategies, and free spirit will help you with all of that and more. You aren’t even aware of all the things inhibiting your TRUE FREEDOM.”

— Aisha Jones, Wardrobe Artist

“I can feel the healing on so many levels - but it’s great when others notice as well! I had been working with an OT for 7 months, but the changes we made would not hold. After my session with Kelle, my OT was shocked to see our work had held strong and even gotten stronger between sessions! And it’s just one of many results I’ve experienced - thanks Kelle!!”

— Amanda Griffith, Speaker, Trainer & Marketing Coach

“I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Kelle’s Higher Consciousness building techniques. Her simple, yet profound approach to clearing blocks and reclaiming wholeness has changed my life dramatically. If you work the process, your life will change for the better (likely in quantum leaps). Thank you, Kelle!”

— Lou Ann K., Managing Consultant

“One day a friend came to our weekly Course in Miracles group meeting with a totally different demeanor. Her normal expression had been transformed into a healthy radiant glow. Several of us noticed the change when we asked the reason, she told us about Kelle Eli Phillips, a spiritual healer that she'd spoken to on the phone. Several of our group subsequently worked with Kelle individually and we were all changed by the experience. My work with Kelle has helped me to understand why I behave certain ways in specific situations. The best part is that she cleared me of the source of those behaviors. I've found her to be a wonderful gift in my spiritual journey. “

— Patricia Smith, Palm Springs, CA

“Kelle and I started working together in July 2002. Initially our work was centered on some long standing health issues that she was instrumental in solving. The clearing of this empowered me to move my business and myself across the country. Through all of the challenges and joys of this Kelle has been a steadfast support and remarkable guide. The clearing of old negative and limiting energies and beliefs has opened up my life in ways that are still a constant amazement to me. She brings a laser-like clarity, perceptive compassion and deep contact to Spirit and Truth to what she does. These qualities evoke the same in me and continue to move my life forward. I cannot imagine a shift like this without the joy of working with her.”

— Connie Butler, Oakland, CA

Over the past 6 years, I have been in therapy; I have gone to 4-5 intensive weekend sessions, and to the Caron Foundation for 5 days for a Co-Dependency session. All of these were great and I felt some relief immediately afterwards, but then the good feeling would leave. I started working with Kelle and after the first session, I was amazed at the healing I felt. I did several weekly sessions, and then I participated in the Power on the Edge© teleclass. My life is on an even keel now and I understand so much more about myself than I ever did in the past. I always thought I had to feel pain and cry for healing to take place. I found through Kelle's work that it doesn't have to be that way. She can remove obstacles from inside a person with no pain involved. All it takes is a willing mind. Thank you, Kelle!”

— Sandi Rogers, Memphis, TN

“I had never worked with anyone on an intuitive level before working with Kelle, and frankly I was skeptical that any good could come from doing a reading over the phone. Kelle and I engaged in a co-creative process where we walked through the different parts of me gently releasing and freeing those aspects I was unaware were imprisoned. I experienced a feeling of exhilaration and joy that left my soul singing freedom songs for days. I felt as if I had been freed from a prison and given wings to soar. Immediate changes that happened were things like I quit smoking. I went from 1½ packs per day to nothing. I have not had a cigarette since I hung up the phone from my session. I was able to see myself as an eternal soul not this body that was so limited. Previously this was merely a belief, but during my reading I saw “me” for the first time. I was freed to call back the scattered fragments of my wisdom. I am now taking her teleclasses to reinforce and continue in my growth. She has truly helped me reclaim my power and begin manifesting my soul’s purpose. The funny thing is all I remember is that I felt like something was missing before the session. Now I couldn’t tell you what it was… “

— Lisa Magee, Las Vegas, NV

“Kelle is so gifted at removing mental blocks that stop us from pursuing our heart’s desire! Intellectually I knew what to do, I felt like I had one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake simultaneously. Kelle removed and cleared what was blocking me and enabled me to finally move forward and pursue my passion. It resulted in us realizing partnering with each other was the ultimate combination that could really bring our gifts to the world and help others!”

— Linda P. Jones Financial Advisor, Speaker, www.lindapjones.com

“Before working with Kelle, I had been working with mentors who had made me aware of my subconscious blocks and beliefs that were holding me back from achieving what I wanted. But I was frustrated because, while I now understood why things weren’t working, I didn’t have the tools to overcome the blocks, so instead of being able to move forward, I kept banging my head against the wall because I felt like something was wrong with me, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

I chose to work with Kelle because I respected her ability to combine the spiritual and the scientific, and I knew that she could provide that missing piece for me. After the first session, I felt like a piece of my brain had been removed ~ the piece that despaired that I’d never find the solution! I was so relieved because I knew that I had finally found the right path to truly overcoming the subconscious blocks that had me spinning in useless circles.

As with most areas of study, even if I hear the same thing again, I hear it differently based on where I am in my personal evolution. I would absolutely work with Kelle again by enrolling in her teleclasses and doing periodic “checkups” to be sure my energy is on the right track. I also plan to introduce her to my “tribe” through future programs in which I would like her to participate to make them aware of her amazing gifts and what she can do for them.

If you are experiencing blocks that are keeping you from getting what you want from life, I highly recommend you enroll in Kelle’s Energy Sessions as they are truly transformational!”

— Kate Navarro Fessler, Mindset and Success Coach/Radio Host

“I have always put others before myself. I had no boundaries because it would take so much energy that I could not function effectively. I would second-guess myself even though I knew what was best for me to do. In the 8 months I’ve been working with Kelle’s material, I have experienced some amazing changes in myself, including a miraculous healing.

Kelle’s explanation of the 3 levels of mind all makes sense. Understanding this allowed me to become aware of an unconscious agenda in myself and I learned how to deal with it. Once I started creating proper boundaries for myself, things shifted. Now I know caring for myself first– in a healthy way– allows me to have the energy to support others so that all of us can benefit.

Because I now respect myself, I am finding that my life is shifting every day. When things become difficult, I know to work with tools I learned from Kelle, to quickly shift it instead of allowing it to snowball and throw me off track.

My confidence is growing, I listen to what I intuitively know I should do, and I no longer self sabotage. I am able to show up for others and effectively assist them on their path. Best of all, I am beginning to do what I passionately love to do.”

— Shari Andrews, Biofeedback Specialist, Salem ,CT

“As a businesswoman, I wear many hats and in doing so, it’s important to manage my energy. I wasn’t even sure what that meant before I started working with Kelle over 6 years ago. What I did know is that I was under incredible pressure and stress and I knew there had to be a better way. I was also highly sensitive to the energy of others and that would impact me in many ways (i.e. taking on others negative energy that wasn’t my own and more). By learning simple techniques to understand, manage and center my energy, I’ve enjoyed greater success, peace of mind, clarity and deep soul satisfaction that helps me perform better in all areas of my life. Kelle is a true asset to women who instinctively know there is more they need to learn about their own energy and are looking for a way to manage it. As I continue to grow and evolve in my business, I’m doing more speaking and training and Kelle’s techniques help me manage my energy as well as the energy of the room. I understand to some this may sound strange but to those of you who understand and are moving into your big vision, Kelle is a go-to resource maintaining your energy in the spotlight. I highly recommend her meditation techniques and more.”

— Lisa Manyon, "The Business Architect" and Founder at www.writeoncreative.com

“Working in the corporate world used to leave me feeling totally drained. My work was sucking out all my energy. I understood what my life’s mission was, “Create work that works”, but I didn’t understand how I could do that and survive.

What a relief it’s been for me to find and work with Kelle. She understood what I was describing and helped me understand the way I was subconsciously giving my power away. Kelle taught me ways to stay in my power as I teach and assist individuals and organizations.

Kelle’s training has allowed me to unravel my limiting patterns which provided huge shifts that have changed my life on every level. I feel empowered to work through what used to be difficult and unexplainable issues.

Now I’m working in the corporate world again with confidence and ease. I love my work! Thank you, Kelle, for helping me to identify these patterns and teaching me ways to support the profound changes I have created and will continue to create in my life.”

— Mary Cosgrove, HR Consultant and Executive Coach, Salt Lake City, UT, www.whatsworkingwell.com

“I love how Kelle’s practice helps me to find a way through my own murky waters, bringing clarity to any situation. There are times when I feel like my senses are being overloaded or I may notice that I’m letting a bad mood spiral deeper. Sometimes I feel like I don’t know what to do about it.

Working with Kelle and her techniques helps me to figure out how to balance the energy of my life. I’m learning how to be aware of what’s happening and to clarify what role I need to play to clear up the mess. Her teachings provide a conscious framework so I can understand where things are coming from and what I can do about it. Thanks Kelle!”

— S. Glass, Writer and Business Owner Long Island, NY

“I was going to several types of physical therapies and listening to tapes about medical intuition when I started working with Kelle. But she helped me understand emotional reasons surrounding flare-ups of the physical disease in my life at that time. Hearing her explanations and using her methods have helped me to look at outcomes rather than problems.

Now I am diligent about doing her programs. And I have a lot to pick from. I’ve learned ways to focus my energy when I feel scattered, to align everything up in myself. As a student, I have to learn things and the more I’m in sync with myself, the easier information comes.

As I face my fears and overcome challenges, I feel that anything is possible. I can feel myself become empowered. I’m more aware of doing everything I’m supposed to be doing for my health. It’s a continuous process of improvement.

I’m currently in a transition, leaving my job to become a full-time student and get my degree one year earlier. This is a scary process for me, but I want to manifest my dreams. I know I have what it takes—look at how far I’ve come!”

— Patty Sablock Nursing Student Quincy, MA

“I wouldn’t be the person I am now if I hadn’t had an opportunity to work with Kelle over the last 4 years. Kelle has provided a lens for me to look at my life with an understanding I didn’t have before. I have healed in significant ways because of her training and guidance.

For example, I used to organize my life by doing everything I thought I was supposed to do. My bodily health was suffering because I would find reasons to push forward on projects, telling myself that my workload did not allow time for things like exercise. But this created havoc in my life instead of satisfaction. Working with Kelle I learned to see that my conscious mind would often over-ride my inner child’s desire to take time for fun.

I am so grateful to Kelle because my life has changed completely. Her teaching encourages me to go in new directions and I have expanded in ways I hadn’t imagined possible before working with her. I now learn from experience more easily, evolving more quickly and seamlessly using the practices that she teaches. The impact of Kelle’s system is so monumental!”

— Patty Collinsworth Circulation Marketing Director Cambridge, MA

“The training programs have awakened me to what God gave all of us, and I just had not chosen to nurture it. Since being guided by Kelle Eli Phillips, my life coach, I have learned we have everything we wish for but do not know how to get through past life times, and present experiences to allow them to surface. Once this paradigm shift occurs, miracle after miracle will take place in your life. I have had numerous miracles during the time I have been working with Kelle Eli Phillips. These are a few similar miracle worthy experiences that had a major impact on my life. Over the past seven years, I have been the overseer of three consecutive senior family members’ healthcare. Each had their different set of particulars and involved legal, medical, financial, and family crises. With Kelle’s assistance in counseling me, I successfully survived physically and mentally all of these experiences. Thank you, Kelle!!”

— Cenetta Lee Author, Speaker, Care Giver www.eclecticcaring.com

“I am an artist, designer, educator, and life coach. Since 2011, I have been working with Kelle Eli Phillips personally and the teachings she offers through her services and programs. From applying these principles, I have experienced incredible results and life-changing events, such as moving to a new city, changing careers, identifying new streams of income, and even finding and marrying my perfect partner.

Through the support of Kelle’s mentoring, I was able to make these transitions swiftly, moving forward to achieve the goals consistent with my true desires.”

— Andrea C. Eastin, MFA, https://fairfitstudio.com/

“Kelle’s Spiritual Intensive was full of wisdom, the kind I can constantly carry in my heart. Her lessons have taught me that I truly have value, an immense gift. So now I choose to honor and cherish myself, something I was never able to do. In addition, she provided me with valuable tools I actively use that support and guide me every step of the way. They genuinely work. The search outside of myself for answers has halted, I go within now. When I encounter problems, make a mistake, or need help, I know to simply align to what I’ve learned, and all will be resolved. This Intensive gently but firmly arms you with the courage to listen and act upon the eternal wisdom inside you.”

—J. Anderson, Artist

“I have been a client of Kelle Eli Phillips’ for 10 years now and have thoroughly enjoyed all her classes. I felt I knew everyone at the Intensive, even though I hadn’t met them in person before. It felt great to spend time with the people whom we’ve all shared similar experiences with. Kelle’s Intensive was presented with the highest professionalism and was well planned. Our group was able to prosper and grow with the efficient use of our time. The Intensive inspired me and I could feel the desire grow in me to really want to take responsibility for the decision-making in my life. So much was revealed to me and I can’t wait until the next one! It was the greatest investment I’ve made for my life and I will be able to continually draw upon it.”

—A. Callahan, Commercial 747 Pilot