You shouldn’t have to face the challenges of life, feeling alone, confused, abandoned, overwhelmed,

uncertain, unsupported nor disconnected. 

You were never meant to experience any of that.

Meet the Higher Self

Back in my teens, I practiced the first form of meditation I ever learned, which was from a book on the Silva Method. It helped train my mind more than connecting me to my Higher Self.

Through my 20s and 30s, I researched and studied many other kinds of meditation systems - even training under a shaman. While I certainly received some form of "guidance," I had no way of discerning where it was coming from and if it was in my best interest. And I wondered,

Why don't I feel more protected? Supported? Empowered?

What I DID notice, however, was that I didn’t feel anymore “connected” through the practice of those other methods. Furthermore, I knew I was not evolving towards the full realization of my potential.

This un-retouched photograph was taken in the spring of 2006, shocking the photographer and me with the appearance of the light of the Higher Self above and around me. You can see how it is mostly concentrated above my head because I was once erroneously taught that is "where it belongs." Sadly this belief was keeping my Higher Self from helping me in Its full capacity. The other colored lights around my chest are other energies "competing for input" but are clearly seen to not be of the true essence, nor as powerful as the Higher Self.

The Higher Self - Embodied

In September of 2007, I received explicit instructions how to "download" energy-intelligence directly from the Creator. After the ten day period, I sat down to meditate, and I heard,

This is how you will meditate moving forward.

The BlueGrid® Method played out like a movie in my mind, as the significance of its long term impact washed over me.

Two days later, I was hiking with friends. I kept seeing blue in my photographs. I asked my friend to take this photo of me. I was amazed to see how the Higher Self had embodied within me - not above me as before - such that Its vibration was drawing out the same Divine Life Force from both the animate and inanimate objects around me. (Enlarge this photo to see it more clearly.)

I woke up early and went outside to watch the meteor showers.
I was debating whether to have a cigarette or not since I had been trying to quit. While I was debating, I was suddenly aware/shown that I was in my BlueGrid® chamber about 5x5 feet wide and I could feel the presence of my Higher Self all around and through me. It was the most amazing, warm, safe, calm feeling. I was shown how I would feel as a person who does not even consider smoking at all, ever. The peace and the release of pressure, tension and guilt that I carried - Gone!
Just bathed in blue light within and around me.

- M.A., Course participant

Release Your Anxiety

We feel anxiety when we are outside of our capacity to control our circumstances - mentally, physically or energetically. Working with your Higher Self will reduce your anxiety so you can center yourself in any circumstance.

Access Healing Energy

Your Higher Self is an unlimited reservoir of healing energy. Whether you need more vitality, soothing comfort or deep restoration - knowing you can call upon these resources will open you up for even more miracles!

Enhance Your Intuition

Your Higher Self is always attempting to communicate with you through Intuition - Direct Knowing. It's like your own personal GPS! Learning to recognize and trust this discerning guidance will assure you that you are never alone.

The Connection Between Higher Selves

There is another benefit of learning to connect and work with your Higher Self - you'll tune into the spiritual grid of all other Higher Selves! Consider this to be the Creator's "original social network" so that our Souls could never lose connection with one another, whether alive or passed on. This gridwork helps you attract positive, life-affirming people into your life!

REAL-ize Your Inner Potential

The KEYS to all you could ever want to be, do and have are accessible once you team up. But you must learn to align to the ways and Laws by which the Higher Self works. Doing this meditation daily will start that process of development and unfolding for you.

The world has changed, and the old systems and "rules" don't work anymore. Now is the time to turn WITHIN to the only authentic Trusted Source - your own Higher Self.

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I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Kelle’s Higher Consciousness building techniques. Her simple, yet profound approach to clearing blocks and reclaiming wholeness has changed my life dramatically. If you work the process, your life will change for the better (likely in quantum leaps).
Thank you, Kelle!”

— L.K., Management Consultant