Feel the need to rant? You're not the only one....(I need to rant because the formatting of this blog post will not work!!)

One of the things we do at Inner Communications INC. is to track and leverage trends and shifts in consciousness - both personal and collective opportunities. We are each creating our own experiences from our own consciousness system, yet we are also co-creators among the collective.

As we learn and grow in our application of the principles of agreements and absolute laws of consciousness, we can sometimes run into chaos. It’s not that we intended to experience that - it’s just certain times and places where our old consciousness is running up against our new intentions - and the conflicting points of view stir things up.

This particular week is one of those weeks, where we are up against limits we agreed to be put upon us in the past, which are conflicting with our new intentions to grow past older versions of ourselves.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Why can’t I just decide what I want, defining my new intentions and move on?”

Well, there's actually more to just setting intentions. For instance, if our intentions are more ego/surface level - meaning they don’t necessarily affect us at a deep, energetic level - then we can usually move forward with little or no push back.
However, if our intentions are focussed on a transformation at our baseline of self identity, OR which are intended to generate a whole new level of attraction patterns, then we get some “blow back.”
Your Soul (or Higher Self) operates from some absolute Laws of Consciousness which create win-win situations for you and all of humanity. When you set an intention which will draw upon your Higher Consciousness, then your Higher Self must apply one of those Laws, particularly the Law of Freedom, to your intentions. This must happen to give your ego self the conscious choice to keep the old patterns, OR to shed the attraction patterns so the new intentions can ground through you.
The “blow back” I mentioned is the experience of this Law of Freedom activating both old and new intentions at the same time, so you can see the differences, and possibly FEEL how much the old ones don’t fit the person you are now. This is how you can make a very conscious choice to leave the old behind and step into the new. This is especially potent if you are breaking out of situations which really compromised your freedom. The Higher Self must ask you, “Do you want to go back to that old “prison” or are you ready for us to say a final sayonara to that old story and step into the new?”
So, if you’ve been having nightmares or fears about your future repeating your past, or that you cannot have your dreams fulfilled, you are likely stuck in the “blow-back” tornado which is temporarily blinding you from your new intentions.
I am sharing this now so you won’t take it personally, and that you don’t have to suffer through this alone! If you need to rant, go ahead, but I’ve already helped a few people break through this stuff this week, and I would like to help you too. The people who've worked with me this week have created astounding breakthroughs!
Click here and register for an Emotional Elevation Session with me. If you cannot find a time that works for you, just pick a time and get registered. Then in the notes section as you register put down the times that work best for you. I’ll follow up and we’ll get you elevated past these old attractions and on your way!