Who can benefit from this method?


Everyone has a Higher Self, and everyone needs the resources the Higher Self can provide to improve our lives in countless ways! And here are some of the ways clients have reported using the BlueGrid® Method.

Entrepreneurs and business owners use the Method to clear their minds at the start of the day, as well as to prepare for presentations, client interactions and creative projects so their Higher Selves provide additional real-time guidance in business decisions.

Yoga instructors use the Method to prepare for their classes. When students are practicing yoga, negative energy can be released from the body. Using the Method prior to teaching, provides shielding for the instructors to not take on the energies of the students.

Therapists/counselors and other health practitioners use the Method to clear their minds at the start and end of the day to release themselves of the stress of practice. Similar to yoga instructors, therapists and health care workers must learn to shield their energy fields to stay present for the clients, but to not take on the energy of the clients.

Public and Media figures use the Method to "hold their space" while on stage or on camera. When an individual is presenting information or transmitting information to a large audience, there is an energetic pressure that gets created from having that many people's focused attention. The energy body and subconscious mind of the public figure can feel that pressure and if not trained to "hold space," the energy field collapses, and the individual will feel deep levels of anxiety over time. The Method helps with training the consciousness field to allow the Higher Self to "hold the space" so the individual can be free to complete the task at hand, without feeling that pressure from the audience.

Parents like the Method as the demands upon their time and attention give them often little time for self care. Since the Method is quick and can be done with eyes open after some practice, the Method provides these busy individuals needed energetic support from their Higher Selves to get through their day with a positive mindset.

High Stress Professions. I've had clients who were professional pilots and they appreciated the Method to keep them attuned to their Higher Selves, to be able to call upon that extra intuition as a supplement to their training. Having that extra energy, calmness and guidance improved their performance on the job. If you're in a similarly stressful environment, you can do the Method and keep it "running" all day, to deflect the chaos and stress around you.

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