What is the Higher Self like?


There is a lot of mis-information out there about what the Higher Self is like. Let's clear up that confusion.

On one of my videos I talk about reading a book back in 1982, where an author claimed that we needed to ask the Higher Self to teach us through our dreams, and that if we had a dream with a blue-robed figure in it, that was symbolic of the Higher Self wanting to connect with us and teach us in the dream state.

I did have that dream initially, which was symbolic of the Higher Self as a somewhat separate consciousness. However, your Higher Self IS NOT SEPARATE, nor is a robed figure. (It also does not take human form, it is beyond human form.)

Your Higher Self is actually a field of energy-intelligence within you and around you at all times. It wants to give you more energy-intelligence than you can possibly imagine, but you must continually invite it to work with you more and more and more! Doing the BlueGrid(R) Method is how you will invite your Higher Self to play this active role within and around you each day!