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Life is too short to be held back by fears, resentments and insecurities.

When our emotions are working against us, they limit the achievement of our intentions, goals, and dreams. They can literally paralyze us against any forward momentum.

What relationships did you not pursue because you feared rejection?

What jobs did you NOT apply for, because you lacked self confidence?

What career success have you sacrificed because you could not put yourself “out there”?

How many sleepless nights have you stewed in your anger because you know you are bigger than your circumstances, but you just can’t get out of your own way?

Positive thinking is great….to a point. But it's not the real culprit.

Having a good attitude is extremely helpful in life. However, our emotional system isn’t based on thoughts, but rather emotional reactions to our circumstances.

Over the years, these negative reactions become charged memories that get stored within our consciousness field to PROTECT us against similar experiences in the future. This is actually one of the good, primary purposes of the emotional system - to help us SURVIVE against perceived dangers and threats.

The real problem is that over time, these emotional states can become walls of blocked energy that immobilize us from doing the very things we most want to do.

You’re not alone. You don’t have to stay stuck. And you’re not broken.

I truly feel your pain and frustration.

I once spent 6 months feeling motivationally paralyzed at my desk, unable to launch a new website training program I had designed.Everything was ready - I just could not finish the last 5%.It took years of digging deep within myself to reveal that I had faced a “terror barrier” against taking risks, that was within my emotional body.Basically, I had no history or past experience of doing this new thing - so my emotional body assumed the worst! And it triggered every possible fear inside of me, which essentially shut down all of my motivation to move forward!

I am sure you’ve heard the saying FEAR - false evidence appearing real?

That’s what the emotional body does when it faces the unknown - it builds an energetic barrier to stop us from moving forward.

And there’s more…

In the 80s and 90s, the Human Genome Project set out to sequence the entire human genome of DNA.For many years, there was a lot of DNA for which they could not find its purpose - meaning it didn’t seem to produce proteins or cellular structures. They called it “non-coding” DNA or junk DNA.

However, recent scientific research is now realizing that this DNA holds the emotional memories of survival from previous generations. Within your DNA are the emotionally significant memories which you mother and your grandmother survived.Your emotional system also draws upon this information to help you survive in your present life. (Noncoding DNA and the teem theory of inheritance, emotions and innate behaviour. Vendramini D. Med Hypotheses. 2005;64(3):512-9.)

So when you embark on a new venture or are facing a risk of some kind, your emotional system may generate irrational fears or doubts that you’ve never had before, because they are coming from this non coding DNA.

Now for some good news!

Once I figured out what was happening with this "terror barrier" thing, and I broke through it, I had a surge of creative energy and doubled my income in 3 months! All that trapped emotional energy was able to flow into my intentions and help me achieve my goals faster!

After that experience, I swore to myself, I would never get stuck like that again, and do everything in my power to help others not get stuck either!

Luckily for you, I’ve assembled all I have learned and practiced for myself and shared with others, into a self paced, self help format, so you never have to experience setbacks as I did!

Introducing the Emotional Evolution Course:
Transforming Emotions into Living Wisdom

From 2007 - 2017, I devoted my personal time and efforts to research a way to work with the emotional system to help it not be stuck, and to get it back into SERVING us in a positive way, instead of just a survival way. And this course is the first of its kind to actively transform and evolve the emotional system beyond the limits of the terror barrier and non coding DNA.

There are 3 Phases to this process:

  1. We learn to detect and examine emotional reactions to DECODE them for what your emotional system is really trying to tell you.
  2. Every negative emotion or “stuck state” is because your emotional system did not get its NEEDS met at some point in your past. Then, we systematically access your Higher Consciousness (your spiritual reservoir) to provide those energetic needs to your emotional system so that it heals that emotional “story” and can move forward.

  3. We review the goals and intentions you want for your life, then ACCESS your Higher Consciousness to provide for your emotional needs IN ADVANCE, so that as you won’t get waylaid by unknown fears, insecurities or doubts in the future!

"I just wanted to tell you that this course is amazing so far! And timely - I really needed to start this process when I did. Every single thing in this course is "SO" on-point and really resonates deeply. I have only done the Emotional Immunity Meditation so far (which is SUCH an amazing meditation), and I am already experiencing deep shifts! Last night I had a dream where my Higher Self joined me - it had no form, but a clear and loving presence. We visited the topics you cover in the course, like it was "being stored" within me. I can't wait to experience the shifts that are coming. Thanks for putting this course together!"

-D.T., Artist and Instructor

More features of this ground breaking course:

In this online, self paced course, you’ll learn about your field of consciousness and the role that your emotions play in it. To complete the entire course can take 4-6 months, but you'll be getting benefits from the first day!!

Through videos, readings, audios, meditations and handouts, you’ll receive:

The Foundations of Consciousness videos will enlighten you on the proper operations of your not only your emotional system, but your entire consciousness field. Having this new scaffolding of understanding, provides new insights as well as forgiving eyes on what you didn’t now how to do for yourself emotionally in the past.

The BlueGrid(R) Meditation Method course, which trains the mind and the energy field to work with the resources of your Higher Self (spiritual reservoir). We’ll leverage the power of this meditation for the emotional transformations.

The Formation of your personal “Story” that your emotional system creates and attempts to perpetuate to keep you “safe.”Having insight into this thread that runs through your life, and knowing how to evolve it, will transform how you perceive yourself and what is possible for you forever!

Audios on the 12 different types of emotional “messaging” and why your emotional body communicates with you this way, and how they fit into 4 classifications dependent upon the information they have to store OR share with you.

12 guided audio meditations on how to work with each emotional message, to “evolve” it into useful energy and information. With practice, your emotional body will learn that you consciously WANT this information moving forward, so these emotional states won’t feel so daunting or overwhelming in the future. Use these at any time to pivot out of a negative emotional state.

Audios and videos of how the emotional system creates “terror barriers” and how we can disarm them gently to channel that energy to support your goals, not oppose them.

And much more!

Check out the full curriculum below and listen to my overview of the course.

Course Curriculum

  Supplemental tips and resources
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Moving Forward
Available in days
days after you enroll

How does it work?

This is an entirely virtual course, so you’ll need to access it using a computer, tablet or smart phone. Upon registration, you’ll be guided to set up your log in ID and password, which you’ll use anytime you want to access the course.

The first content materials of the course are released immediately, as well as the first Emotional Immunity Meditation which will start to strengthen your emotional system. You’ll work with these materials for the first 14 days. Of course you can always refer back to them at your leisure.

Two weeks after registration, the Emotional Evolution Meditations will queue up for you to begin learning to transform your emotional system. I recommend taking your time working with these meditations because they are very powerful, and each one will generate healing and energy releases that require some time to integrate. Pace yourself to what works best for you! Since there are 12 of them, it can take up to 3 months to work through just this section.

45 days after registration, the materials on disarming the “terror barriers” will appear on your learning dashboard. You’ll use these materials to transform fears or doubts you may have about your future, so that achieving your goals will be so much easier!

This is an evergreen course, which means you get to keep the course permanently! As mentioned before, the entire course can take up to 6 months to complete, but that doesn't mean you have to wait 6 months for the pay off! You'll get shifts and results the very first day you work with the materials! The long term benefit of this course, is that you can revisit this material as you grow and evolve, and you’ll also get access to future revisions and updates!

“I had never worked with anyone on an intuitive level before working with Kelle, and frankly I was skeptical that any good could come from talking to someone over the phone. Kelle and I engaged in a co-creative process where we walked through the different parts of me gently releasing and freeing those aspects I was unaware were imprisoned. I experienced a feeling of exhilaration and joy that left my soul singing freedom songs for days. I felt as if I had been freed from a prison and given wings to soar. The funny thing is all I remember is that I felt like something was missing before the session. Now I couldn’t tell you what it was… “

— Lisa Magee, Las Vegas, NV

What does this cost?

First of all, I ask you to consider some other costs first.

When my clients schedule individual time with me to help them “evolve” blocks in their emotional body, they can pay about $120 for a session.

In this course, aside from the main content teachings about the consciousness field, you’ll receive 19 individual guided meditations, based on the principles I use in my private sessions. 19 sessions with me at $120 - that would be $2280 if you scheduled it one on one!

But there are greater costs and values involved to consider as well.

What is the cost you’re paying right now for the ways you are holding yourself back from the success you know is possible?

How many times do you refuse an invitation to an event, where you really want to attend, but you don't feel confident enough or "whatever" enough to attend? What opportunities are you missing?

What if your salary could double, if you could just present your ideas or results to your supervisor? What's that costing you in lost income?

Or if you are self-employed, or have an idea for a new business or service, which you know could double or triple your income if you could just take your foot off the brake and onto the gas? What difference would that extra business make in your life over a year? Ten years?

How many years will you pine away in loneliness, because you fear being rejected by those you’d like to date?

Or what if you had to the inner confidence and emotional strength to stand up for yourself an put an end to the worry and resentment destroying your health?

If you add up the cost of doing the content of this course one on one with me, or searching out another person to assist you, plus the lost opportunities costs, you could be looking at 5 - 6 figures.

Isn't it time to empower your emotional system to work FOR you, rather than AGAINST you?

Now you know it's possible to never be "emotionally stuck” again!

Feeling anxious about a presentation you have to do at work? No problem!

Use the guided meditation to reveal what your emotional system is really telling you, so you can transform it on the spot, to walk into that room with confidence!

Unable to let a past confrontation go, due to resentment? No more!

Use the guided meditation to give your emotional system what it really needs in order to forgive the past, but KEEP THE WISDOM, so you’ll never get hurt that way again!

Suffering grief of past losses or failures? Not any longer!

Grief is an important source of energy which needs to be transformed to serve you. Use the meditation to transform this energy to empower your future!

Unable to “pull the trigger” on your plans because you fear losing what you have? No worries!

Use the guided meditations to transform this type of “terror barrier” into a new confidence to support your plans!

"I ran a half marathon! Last spring, I started running to help me process my emotions with the course work and to get out of the house more. But I noted that I was fearful to go too far. I was afraid if I got too far from home, I'd get lost and need food, not have any, or it would start to rain. So I used the meditations and suggested to my emotional inner child that we could run loops around the neighborhood so we were always within a mile of the house, in case we needed anything. After I did the meditation with the new decision, I was able to run 5-7 miles easily! I realized by taking it slow and building that trust, I felt safe to go farther. What's cool is that after I ran the 1/2 marathon, I didn't have very sore muscles or a long recovery time."

- T.I., Marketing Assistant and Blogger

Let me be your guide!

You have suffered long enough - let’s change this together NOW!

This course literally took me a decade to develop. And I would have given anything back in 2006 to have this wisdom and process to get back all of my lost time, money and efforts!

Lucky for you, you don't have to research and develop this course to help yourself!

Now with this course, you can release your own emotional “stories” of your past, as well as emotionally fortify yourself for anything you may face in your future.

It’s designed to be the place you turn to truly HELP YOURSELF transform into your BEST SELF.

Remember, this is an investment in yourself, your well being, and creating an emotional foundation for your present AND future success!You deserve this. (It is also tax deductible as a professional development investment. Consult your CPA for more details.)

Given that you'll be working initially with this course for 4-6 months, and the fact you get to keep the course permanently, this is an incredibly affordable way to invest in yourself and your future. Remember, you'll get to repeat the course AS YOU GROW and face new challenges in the future, for NO EXTRA COSTS!

Tell your loved ones, or give yourself the best present ever!

Get started now!

“Before working with Kelle, I had been working with mentors who had made me aware of my subconscious blocks and beliefs that were holding me back from achieving what I wanted. But I was frustrated because, while I now understood why things weren’t working, I didn’t have the tools to overcome the blocks, so instead of being able to move forward, I kept banging my head against the wall because I felt like something was wrong with me, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

I chose to work with Kelle because I respected her ability to combine the spiritual and the scientific, and I knew that she could provide that missing piece for me. After the first session, I felt like a piece of my brain had been removed ~ the piece that despaired that I’d never find the solution! I was so relieved because I knew that I had finally found the right path to truly overcoming the subconscious blocks that had me spinning in useless circles.

 As with most areas of study, even if I hear the same thing again, I hear it differently based on where I am in my personal evolution. I also plan to introduce her to my “tribe” through future programs in which I would like her to participate to make them aware of her amazing gifts and what she can do for them.

If you are experiencing blocks that are keeping you from getting what you want from life, I highly recommend you enroll as these sessions with Kelle are truly transformational!”

— Kate Navarro Fessler, Mindset and Success Coach/Radio Host

"I'm always surprised anew at how deep Kelle's sessions are and what we uncover. If you are ready for more life, freedom, health, abundance and creativity, I urge you to book a session with Kelle and take her courses. All your selves and cells will thank you."

—Sudevi, Vedic Thai Yoga Massage Educator, Dir. of VC International Studies

“One day a friend came to our weekly Course in Miracles group meeting with a totally different demeanor. Her normal expression had been transformed into a healthy radiant glow. Several of us noticed the change when we asked the reason, she told us about Kelle Eli Phillips, a spiritual healer that she'd spoken to on the phone. Several of our group subsequently worked with Kelle individually and we were all changed by the experience. My work with Kelle has helped me to understand why I behave certain ways in specific situations. The best part is that she helped me clear the source of those behaviors. I've found her and her teachings to be a wonderful gift in my spiritual journey. “

— Patricia Smith, Palm Springs, CA

Get started now!

Courses Included with Purchase

The BlueGrid® Method
Learn to work directly with your Higher Self to increase focus, enhance intuition, and amplify your energy in 10 minutes or less!
Kelle Phillips

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. You'll also get all future revisions and updates!
How does the course work?
Upon enrollment, you are taken to your own private, learning "dashboard" where your course materials will be posted. Some of the materials will be accessible immediately; others will be distributed to you over time to not overwhelm you and to pace the transformation experience.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course . However, this is a time-released course, to allow time for transformation and integration. The first portion of the course will be released immediately to allow you to work with the principles you'll need to get the foundational principles, which will challenge your views about yourself and your life! The Emotional Evolution Meditations will be released after 14 days, so you can start working with your emotions and trapped perceptions. The Terror Barrier Meditations will be released 45 days after enrollment. By this time, you'll have established some internal trust so your subconscious mind will be more willing to work WITH you, than against you. While the principles and action steps seem easy and approachable, the REAL work is allowing your emotional body the time to "evolve" into its destined, highly functional design. Patience is key! And the bonus, is that since this is an evergreen course, you can return to it at any time, doing whatever meditation you need for support.

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Kelle Phillips
Kelle Phillips

Kelle Eli Phillips has spent over 40 years researching the fastest and most transformative methods to train and transform the consciousness field for optimal performance. Raised and educated as a scientist, with degrees in Biochemistry, Anatomy and Energy Medicine, she brings an analytical and "proving" eye to her work in the energetic, causal, and spiritual fields. Through her research, she has unlocked the secrets to accessing and amplifying our innate energy-intelligence which is at the root of miracle consciousness. Her simple, yet powerful tools help her students experience incredibly rapid transformations in her clients, empowering their personal paths and spiritual evolution.


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